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Dark Horse illustration services are geared at improving advertising strategies and corporate identities. We can design realistic or idealized renderings to promote your ideas or concepts, products or services. For companies that want to improve the aesthetic appeal of their corporate website, our illustrations can function as the basis for 3D modeling and animation. What photographs cannot capture or convey, graphic illustrations can. Our graphic illustrations can enhance the text of printed documents and web pages for overall understanding and clarity.

To generate images of excellent quality, the graphic artists at Dark Horse combine the traditional skills and mediums of creating artwork with the digital medium of modern technology to produce one-of-a-kind illustrations for a variety of applications.

Not every advertising agency offers graphic illustration services, and even fewer are able to integrate the illustrations they design into all facets of print, web, and multimedia promotion. Dark Horse’s graphic illustrations complement all forms of advertising and can be easily transferred to digital formats for CD-ROMs, DVDs, Corporate Production, and more. Our graphic artists take your audience and your objectives into consideration when composing a design to make sure that the art conveys all necessary information and portrays the right corporate identity for you company.

Dark Horse creates quality graphic illustrations suitable in a broad range of advertising styles. Stand out from the competition with unique, professional graphic illustrations and successfully sell your company, product, or service.

If you are interested in working with us please fill out our contact form. It takes just a minute or two to complete and will help give us a much better understanding of what you are looking for.